White Agate Slab – Semi Precious Stone for Modern Home Decor

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White Agate Slab – Semi Precious Stone for Modern Home Decor – Countertop & Outdoor Stone Slab | Genuine Gemstone Surface Slabs

  • White Agate Slab Application: pale and milky white in color, natural agate slab is best used for flooring purposes, indoors and outdoors. Used as premium stone for creating gemstone tabletops. Bigger slabs are often backlit because translucent agate disperses light in an unusual, artsy manner
  • Gemstone Surface Metaphysics: white agate is known to improve confidence and energy, thereby diffusing situations where truth is concealed/hidden. White agate healing stone is known to dispel sickness associated with blocked energy flows
  • Stone Slab Care Tip: agate slab does not require much maintenance. Don't use abrasive cleaners. Cleaning regularly helps to maintain the lustrous surface. Ensure a regular wipe

Imagine if you could combine the beauty of natural stone slabs and healing powers of semi-precious crystals—our premium agate slabs can make this happen with minimal fuss. The perfect countertop natural stone, white agate captures your attention with its texture and appearance. However, it is also a chakra stone with established healing abilities.

White Agate & Home Decor
Choose agate slabs if you prefer big natural stone slices that make excellent countertop options for the kitchen, around sinks and kitchen peninsulas. Agate stone flooring provides a neat glossy finish. White agate slab’s premiumness comes from its somewhat crystalline, gemstone type surface. The sheen adds a dash of glamour to the interiors. Combined with accent lighting, this home decor stone can become the point of visual engagement. Using white agate in smaller pieces, as accent pieces, as tiles in restrooms or for paving the patio or entryway is a great way to start your journey of falling in love with this unique natural stone.

White Agate Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Most agates are known to harmonize energy flows but white agate is more closely associated with the crown chakra. Historically, white agate is known to enhance confidence, thereby bringing in positive vibes. White agate is among the most recommended healing stones because of the gradual manner in which it soothes energy flows, dispelling sickness and strengthening overall optimism. Recommended by alternative therapy practitioners and crystal stone healers, white agate is popularly known as the stone for harmony. Genuine agate stone slabs come with such therapeutic properties.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review