Tiger Eye Stone - Healing Properties & Uses in Home Decor

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Tiger Eye: The golden chatoyant gemstone

This Golden brown gemstone is a form of compact Quartz that is left after dissolved Crocidolite. The lustrous colour band present in the Tiger Eye stone is the result of Quartz crystals in the Chatoyant form. Though Inexpensive, this gemstone is popular and feared gemstone for its ability to offer the one who possess the gemstone to observe things. Tiger eye sources are found in regions including United States, Australia, Brazil, Burma, South Africa, Spain and India. In ancient times, Egyptians believed the stone to offer vision even behind the closed doors as the stone presented protection merging the powers of Sun and Earth.

Roman Soldiers carried the gemstone during battles as it gave them courage and would reflect the threats from opponents. Tiger Eye is available in Red, blue, golden, iron colour variations and is widely used to bring the wearer stability, awareness and great vision of the surroundings. Lately, the gemstone being inexpensive it is practiced to make home décor products like Slabs, Tiles, coffee tables, side tables etc.

Properties of Tiger Eye gemstone:

Tiger Eye stone products are used to bring lucid thinking, Integrity and willpower to the person. It helps in connecting to the soul and stimulates courage and self-belief within the person.

  • It promotes to balancing the body, coordinating the emotions and wise fully resolve them.
  • Tiger eye is helpful to relive stress, energize the chakras and help the body decrease pain and gain mental stability.
  • Using Tiger eye stone products help in speeding up the process of metabolism when it’s lacking.
  • Used to increase the focus, stealth and drive away thoughts provoking distraction.

Tiger Eye Stone Home decor products at best price

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Tiger Eye FAQ’s:

  1. What are the colours in which the Tiger eye stone products are available in?
  2. The products are available in Red, blue, iron and golden colour variations.

  3. What are the healing properties of Tiger eye stone products?
  4. Tiger eye is helpful to relive stress, energize the chakras and help the body decrease pain and gain mental stability and help in speeding up the metabolism process.

  5. What is the Zodiac sign and Anniversary year of Tiger eye stone?
  6. Tiger eye stone is associated with Gemini and is used in Ninth wedding Anniversary.

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