Round Coffee Table with Brown Agate Table Top - Accent Table with Iron Legs

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Round Coffee Table with Brown Agate Table Top - Accent Table with Iron Legs | Outdoor/Indoor Agate Console Table

Semi-Precious Gemstone Accent Table: adorned with gemstone top, this iron agate coffee table features a random arrangement of agate slices by skilled craftsmen, adding a luxe look to any decor regime. Nature stone topped coffee table has an impressive weight bearing capacity. Wood legs have a unique design

Natural Agate Table: perfectly polished side table – reveals the naturally occurring pattern rigs, conferring a luster-rich look to the accent table. Elegantly and artfully finished iron legs give a refined look to this ornamental furniture. Impressive immunity to weather

Vintage Styled Agate Side Table: use this agate gemstone table in living spaces that need luxe furniture. Space-conserving design with an assurance of durability. Easy to move around the living room, or patio. Comes with a design boost

Use: keep the coffee table in the dining space. Or place the table in the living room as an accent piece.  Table top doesn’t easily absorb the stain. Add them to deck, patio, foyer or entryways.

Care Tip: use a dry, soft cloth to wipe the surface of the agate table. Avoid chemical household cleaners as these can damage the sheen and finishing of the natural stone surface. Tighten all the connection after assembly. Also, hardware can loosen with time, which makes it necessary to check the tightness of connections of the furniture unit.

The table top features an artful arrangement of natural agate pieces, fused together to create a stylish unit of ornamental furniture. Agate coffee tables can instantly liven up the ambience of living rooms and bedsides. This accent table helps you create a feature focal point within an open plan interior or a living area. An ideal blend of luxury design - smooth surfaced semi-precious stone table top works beautifully with iron legs to create an elegant contrast.

This sophisticated coffee table exudes classic vibes, and the superior finishing of the table works well with all interior styles and designs. Create an instant update by placing the accent table on a vibrant circular rug. The bright color combination and fine grain structure of agate make the table a befitting option in any contemporary room setting.

This agate iron coffee table can be more than just a sidekick to couches, the furniture works more to give a new dimension to your decor regime. Place coffee tables of different agate side by side for a bigger honeycomb arrangement.

Agate gemstones are dugout from volcanic rocks. The interesting shapes and colors that they come in have always been visually intriguing. If you want to add a pop of color and luxe touch to your interiors, then agate coffee tables are the ideal choice.

Why Brown Agate Coffee Table for your Home Decor?
Beautifully striped and banded naturally, agate has been valued as an amulet or talisman since time immemorial. From Persian magicians and King of Pontus to the Byzantine empire and European renaissance, agate has always been a favorite mystical stone throughout the ages.


Brown agate gemstones have an interesting mustard yellow streaks. The typical whitish and brownish yellow color pattern in the stone helps in bringing calming and soothing vibes inside your living space. Close to the belly chakra, brown agate helps in promoting inner stability. Moreover, the stone is known to maximize energy flow related to intellectual pursuits. An excellent healing stone, the brown agate semi-precious stone relieves symptoms of depression and insomnia.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review