Tiger Eye Tops

Tiger Eye Tops

We are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Tiger-Eye table top and counter top in India. We embellish table tops and counter tops with variety of shapes , colors, and sizes. Our tops have attractive colors that enhance the beauty of the houses and hotels. Our Tiger-Eye top is hard, strong, durable, and accepts a long lasting polish. These table tops and counter tops have gorgeous patterns that mesmerizes in every type of décor.

Physical and Healing Properties

Tiger Eye, is a variety of macro-crystalline Quartz known for its remarkable chatoyancy and rich layers of gold and brown color and when light hits the surface of this gem, a silky, wavy shimmer moves across the surface of the stone resembling the eye of a tiger. Known as “The Shapeshifter,” Tiger’s Eye is ever vigilant, bringing sharpness to one’s inner vision reflects an overview of situations and assists when things are happening too fast,improve your sense of self-worth.

Premium Range

We are amongst the prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India of premium range of Tiger-Eye Table Top and Counter Top. We ensure these are manufactured using high quality raw material and also comply with the international quality standards.Decorate your living space in an innovative way with these adorned Tiger-Eye table tops and counter tops.

Different Colors 

Golden Tiger-Eye: It has meaning and properties to enhance intuition and adjust energy balance. Its gorgeous and mesmerizing golden color symbolizes “shine”. We manufacture and supply high quality range of Golden Tiger-Eye tops that has eye-catching designs and flawless finishing. If you are looking for shine and gold, then this piece will the right pick for your décor absolutely. 

Brown Tiger-Eye: Brown color speaks on what tigers eye represents – strength, power, confidence, intelligence, daring and following one’s own heart and head, no matter the odds. It helps in healing broken bones and facilitating a quick recovery from neck or spinal problems. Designed skillfully from quality materials to combine functionality with aesthetics, this product makes the right pick for any hotel, restaurant, office, home.

Red Tiger-Eye: It overcomes lethargy and provides motivation and aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem.  It speeds up a slow metabolism. Our beautiful Red Tiger Eye table top comes in variety of stripes and patterns and let you choose the perfect for your décor. We manufacture, supply and exports these table tops with finished quality and dimensional accuracy.


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