Agate Tops

Agate Tops

We are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Agate table top and counter topin India. We embellish table tops and counter tops with variety of shapes , colors, and sizes. Our tops have attractive colors that enhance the beauty of the houses and hotels. Our Agate top is hard, strong, durable, and accepts a long lasting polish. These table tops and counter tops have gorgeous patterns that mesmerizes in every type of décor.

Physical and Healing Properties

Agate is one of the oldest healing stone. It can have many distinctive styles and patterns and it has to be banded, but each agate is unique in its own way.Agate is often dyed to enhance its colors. This is especially true of Agate from Brazil. Bright neon colors such as bright blue and red are rarely natural.

Premium Range

We are amongst the prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India of premium range of Agate Table Top and Counter Top.We manufacture the fine quality of Agate Tops from high quality raw materials with beautiful stones that is processed by using the sophisticated technology.These products have excellent finishing which is long lasting that allow lighting to pass through its surfaces.

Different Colors

White Agate: It has been used for centuries in many cultures. The color white represents peace, tranquility, calmness, protection, innocence, purity, healing. This clean, polished agate stone exudes an aura of class, elegance, and style and is a perfect addition to a bright and airy decor. They are therefore the best choice for minimalists, who love understated styles with a hint of classic aesthetic. 

Blue Agate: With its peaceful blue energy, this agate emits calming vibrations. This stone infuses peacefulness into the surrounding area. Use this stone as your table tops  and counter tops for gaining insight and clarity and it adds style, class, and warmth to the space.

Black Agate: It is a prime grounding, protective and an armored crystal. This calming and serene stone will keep one composed while tackling with practical decision-making situations. We manufacture a prime range of black agate table tops and counter tops that gives classic look and creates a visually enticing decor.

Brown Agate: A beautiful masterpiece polished and covered with whitish bands and has a large orange-brown stain reminiscent of fire. Brown agate has soothing energy and provides security. We manufacture and supply prime range of designer brown agate table tops which reflect modernism.

Grey Agate:  We manufacture very high quality of  Grey Agate. It is distinguished by its unique patterns of white and grey, calming and relaxing colors. It is a grounded stone bringing about an emotional, physical and intelligent balance leading to practical solutions. These markings on the surface of the crystal allow it to blend-in perfectly, in traditional and modern projects alike and  make it ideal for all kinds of domestic environment.


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