Green Abalone MOP Slabs for Home Decor

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Product Overview

Green Abalone MOP Slabs for Home Decor

Green MOP can be a wonderful addition to any home setting, also referred to as a shell surface slab that is both glamorous and practical. As inlay slabs, MOP stone can jazz up any room’s settings, especially if cemented on wall paneling or as a countertop stone slab. Shell slabs are luxe choices for glamorous bathrooms and cloakrooms – traits associated with decadence. Mother of Pearls have limitless applications in home decor, ranging from TV panel surround, walling, flooring, backsplashes, countertops and office tables accent bits to bigger, table top stone slab surfaces. You can also use these shell slabs in fireplace surrounds, dining tables, exterior wall designs, entry gate coverings, and surrounding option for Jacuzzis or bathtubs and swimming pool walls.

Green Abalone MOP Metaphysical Traits
These large natural stone slabs can be used to help a person handle emotional situations with more composure. Regarded as a healing stone that works gradually, these shell stone slabs can be incorporated into your living space, kitchen or washroom to ensure the overall vibes are more calming. Presence of MOP abalone is known to promote cooperation in workplaces that seem overwhelmed with competing teams. As a decor option with healing traits, this slab works like a Feng Shui Stone, helping to bring more peace to relationships.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review