Crystal Agate Slabs - Premium Crystal Agate Slab

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Crystal Agate Slabs - Premium Crystal Agate Slab. Semi-precious Stone for Contemporary Home Decor - Natural Stone Countertops | Gemstone Surface Slabs

  • Crystal Agate Slab Applications: with its fine grainy texture, natural agate slab is best used for flooring and kitchen countertops. Used as a premium natural stone in luxurious tabletops. This naturally translucent stone can become the point of engagement in your living room or a hotel lobby when backlit
  • Stone Metaphysics: historically renowned for metaphysical traits like balancing energies, eliminating negativity and boosting flow of positivity in the surroundings. Translucent rock promotes stability in body, mind, and soul
  • Stone Slab Care Tip: agate slab requires little maintenance. Ensure a regular wipe. Don't use abrasive cleaners. Cleaning regularly helps to maintain the lustrous surface

What if you could combine healing powers of semi-precious stones with the elegance of natural stone slabs? Using agate slabs makes this happen with effortless ease!

Agate – a mineral that belongs to the quartz group, is a famous semi-precious stone. The translucent stone captures your attention with its asymmetrical bands that are often densely packed. While crystal agate is perhaps the least colored of all agate types, it is high on the shimmering, crystal effect. Agate is commonly used in creating boutique decor accessories and fashion jewelry.

Crystal Agate & Home Decor
Choose agate slabs if you prefer big natural stone slices that form excellent countertop choices and also help to harmonize energy flows. Agate stone flooring provides a unique mosaic pattern and glossy finish. The crystal stone is beautiful with its fragile-looking layers. Premiumness associated with crystal agate slab is underlined by the fact that it is referred to as a gemstone surface slab—the sheen is unmistakable and adds a bit of glamor. Agate slabs can be used in a number of ways. Common agate uses include flooring purposes, kitchen countertops, tiles in restrooms and accent pieces framed or highlighted by a lighting fixture. Combined with warm backlighting, these translucent slabs can set the tone for any ambience.

Crystal Agate Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Often recommended by energy healers and alternative therapy practitioners, crystal agate is widely recommended as the stone of tranquility. Its presence is known to help people maintain composure and overcome feelings of anger or jealousy. Apart from becoming a fascinating attribute in your home, real Agate stone comes with therapeutic properties. The healing stone helps in stabilizing an individual’s body, mind, and soul. It is widely believed that this semi-precious stone can purify the aura by clearing away negative energies. This therapeutic crystal can boost concentration, cognition, and practical thinking.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review