Classic Agate Wall Clock - Easy to Read. Office, Home & School Clock

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Classic Agate Wall Clock - Easy to Read. Office, Home & School Clock | Natural Stone Wall Clock

  • Accent Wall Clock: semi-precious stone ‘agate’ has been used to craft the clock. The elegant look of the agate adds a luxe feel to any wall space. Natural stone clocks aren’t any less than impeccable decor art pieces.
  • Non-Ticking Wall Clock: featuring quiet sweep second hands, no ticking to guarantee a peaceful and not a distracting working environment. Befitting choice for bedroom or study room
  • Minimalistic Design: agate wall clock has a clear-to-read face with numbers etched in a readable font, amply sized to read in the first go.
  • Decorative Stone Clock: ideal wall clock for living space, dining room, bedrooms, family rooms, kitchen, conference room and study room
  • Dimension: diameter of the wall clock is 30cm. The wall clock is large in size, but lightweight. This trait of the natural stone clock allows for easy and quick installation

Crafted from fine semi-precious stone ‘agate’, this classic wall clock is a distinguished addition to any room setting. In an age where we have to depend on smartphones, this simple yet stylish agate wall clock comes as a renaissance.

It’s time to move away from those mundane timepieces, and bring in natural stone wall-clocks that are more than just time-showing devices. The agate wall clock makes a unique and stunning home decor piece. Add this wall clock to your wall, and see how the ambience gets transformed elegantly.

Modern Wall clocks are not limited to your living space. Add classy non-ticking wall clocks to your kitchen, bedroom or even balcony; wherever you wish. Choose this agate clock if it complements your wall paint color and interior theme of the home decor. Contrasting wall clocks and decor hues add the much-required glamour to your home.

These wall clocks feature a simple ‘round’ design, the advantage of this design is that it nicely coordinates and complements decor items like rugs, vases, coasters and cushion covers. Simple clocks add a touch of sophistication. A big dial display on the wall clock lets you conveniently read the time in the first go. Minimalistic wall clocks are also a perfect option for foyers and kitchens.

More than mere time-keepers, agate wall clocks confer exquisite touch to both conventional and modern room settings. These wall clocks are more of an ‘artwork meets utility’. According to Feng-Shui, the ideal spaces to freely display semi-precious stone wall clocks are the living room, kitchen or even in office. The presence of a wall clock in your child’s room is a sign of good feng-shui – basically because it helps them understand the passing of time. Another advantage is the positive vibes send by the agate stone wall clock, a good alternative for electric or digital wall clocks, as latter can send high EMF fields unhealthy for you and your family.

A name given to the variety of banded chalcedony, agate stone is a mineral of the quartz family. The name derives its origin from Achetes River in Sicily, the place where the stone was dug out for the first time. Striped, specked or banded in layers, agate was initially used as healing ornament like an amulet during the Babylonian times. The therapeutic and mystical properties of the semi-precious stone were made use of even in the Egyptian and Greek civilizations.

In the metaphysical state, agate has a lower intensity, vibrating to a slower frequency and has intense grounding energies – keeping the milieu stabilized. Agate has been since time immemorial known as a healing stone for balancing physical, intellectual and emotional energies. The mystical stone also works to harmonize the yin and yang. Moreover, the natural stone can also bring a stability in the positive and negative forces in the universe.

About Black Agate: The surface of black agate features a blend of copper, black and golden bands. The cluster like patterns adds to the beauty of the natural stone. Black agate can confer calming vibes during a period of depression and sorrow. In Feng-Shui, the black color of the agate is closer to the root chakra.

About Blue Agate: Blue agate is the most powerful healing/mystical stones for home decor. Agate is an ideal decor piece to be kept in any region of your house. The blue agate resonates with the throat chakra bringing in a sense of tranquility, alleviating stress and tension.

About Brown Agate: The brown agate natural stone has appreciable resistance against staining, chemical cleaning agents and moisture. The stone features few mustard yellow streaks. The brown semi-precious stone is more close to the belly chakra.

About Gray Agate: Gray agate has been known for ages as a mystical stone. The stone works to improve mental functions by enhancing concentrations, analytical abilities and perceptions. In Feng-Shui, the stone can play a crucial role in love and courage.

About White Agate: Ancient folk medicine has always hailed white agate as a healing stone for dispelling sickness. Metaphysically, the white agate is an ideal crown chakra piece, for grounded energies.