Black Petrified Wood Side Table with Black Tripod Legs

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Black Petrified wood Side Table - Round Table with Black Tripod Legs - Outdoor, Indoor Use | Genuine Black Petrified wood Accent Table 

Black Petrified wood side tables are more than just a sidekick to any couch or sofa. Our Black Petrified wood topped end tables provide a new meaning to multifaceted natural stone furniture - the veined top of the Black Petrified wood makes the round table a unique piece. Place this Black Petrified wood top side tables just like a coffee table in your living space, and see the grace it confers to dull room settings. Featuring natural patterns, this Black Petrified wood top coffee table has been prized for its versatility and style. Cut by craftsmen from quartz, the side table is extremely hard wearing, conferring elegance to dining and living spaces. Pair this Black Petrified wood accent table with sofa for creating a center focal point for living spaces.

  • Black Petrified wood Side Table: Created through a process called permineralization. From beautifying the decor to providing you with sturdy and elegant side tables, the wooden crystal becomes an ultimate decorative solution.It Confers a classy touch to any decor regime.  Unique tripod base which reinvents styles of the 60's and 70's in a sleek black finish.
  • Natural Black Petrified wood Coffee Table: Impeccably polished side table. The naturally occurring pattern of the Black Petrified wood gives a stylish appearance to the accent table. Intricately finished black tripod legs give a sophisticated look to any room setting.
  • Decorating Tip: Adorn this Black Petrified wood side table with a tall vase of blooming flowers. You can also add a table lamp on the Black Petrified wood top for a change. This Black Petrified wood top table has an impressive weight bearing capacity. You can also use this as a bedside Black Petrified wood table
  • Care Instruction: Make sure to use coasters especially if placing food preparations like spills with high acid content like vinegars, wines or fruit juices. Occasionally dust with a clean, soft lint-free cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives
  • Dimensions: Table Top Diameter - 40 cm. Height - 55 cm. Weight - 12 kg (including packaging). Easy to assemble table does not require professional help

Back to the origins, with the allure of antique Black petrified wood and the natural charm of stone.The markings you find on petrified wood are the original tree’s growth rings. Thanks to its characteristic shades - fills every space with class and rich taste.

Why buy Black Petrified wood side table with black tripod legs?

Bringing the natural gemstone home would not only enhance your contemporary decor but would also bestow your surroundings with healing vibes. The petrified crystal helps balancing the emotions and brings fears to rest by promoting practicality. The brown-colored stone brings about a feeling of safety and security abode and can be trusted upon as a talisman by those owning a business. Black Petrified Wood is said to be a grounding, protecting stone, encouraging feelings of well-being, safety and security. From healing bones to treating moderate symptoms of paralysis, the petrified wood healing stone provided comfort and control. Stabilizing the root chakra, the wooden gemstone provides both physical and spiritual benefits.

Black Petrified wood side tables are a great option for jazzing up unflattering home decor with vibrant color. The main reason being the natural stone’s beautiful texture; no other stone’s surface can actually compare to its natural veined and sparkly look. Moreover, the Black Petrified wood accent tables can be the right conversation piece for your guests. If cared for continuously, Black Petrified wood is undoubtedly durable. With proper maintenance, these side tables can outlast other decor piece in your home. A style staple, Black Petrified wood rarely requires a replacement. Available in an array of neutral colors, Black Petrified wood tables with black tripod legs can confer both traditional as well as contemporary look to any space.